English Electric Motor Co (EEMC) are pleased to report that Sir James Dyson is planning to build electric cars here in the UK & with the possible creation of 500 new jobs! The British inventor has announced that the electric car will be “radically different” from current models and will be on sale in 2020.

The Dyson group is well placed technologically and geographically to put their plans into action, especially with recent recruitments from the car and technological industry. Sir James certainly would have ‘shaken and stirred’ the more established motoring firms by headhunting Aston Martin’s product development director Ian Minards (responsible for creating many of James Bond’s favourite cars) shortly followed by Aston’s long-serving director of purchasing David Wyer.

EEMC thinks that it may have certainly stirred mainstream car manufacturers into acting! Mini revealed its own all-electric vehicle ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show with Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin among many preparing to launch their own all-electric and hybrid cars in the foreseeable future.

Dyson’s electric car has yet to be built, but the car’s electric motor is now completed & two different battery types are under development, which Dyson claims are already more efficient than in existing electric cars! This news must surely have shaken US electric car manufacturer Tesla, especially as they’ve also lost a designer to Dyson – CEO Elon Musk must definitely be a little ‘stirred’!

EnglishElectricMotorCo predicts that with the electric vehicle ‘boom’ silently hurtling around the corner , Sir James Dyson’s next challenge will be to create an equally ‘rad’ electric motorcycle, but until then why not get a little ‘shake’ & hopefully ‘stir’ go to Zero Motorcycles & SuperSocoUK