The Incredible Aspark Owl electric car was launched at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2017, the small Japanese company claims it has produced the worlds first street-legal car capable of hitting 0-60mph in under two-seconds.

The prototype has 430 horsepower, 563 all-wheel lb-ft torque and weighs less than 860kg. video footage show the electric hyper-car smashing the sub-2-second mark and achieving a time of just 1.921 seconds – faster than any Formula 1 racing car, however, some car enthusiasts have raised their eyebrows! 

For those willing to pay the £3 million price-tag, you’ll have to be quick as Aspark have announced that only 50 of these impressive beasts will be built! And for those who prefer to get their kicks from two-wheels, why not head on over to English Electric Motor Co. to  checkout our new Zero & Super Soco 2018 models