Goods news for EV enthusiasts as US Harley-Davidson & Alta Motors are to collaborate on a new electric motorcycle. According to Harley Davidson has made an equity investment in Alta Motors, a maker of electric motorcycles and lightweight EV drivetrains

The two companies plan to collaborate on electric motorcycle technology and new product development Harley-Davidson hope to bring its first electric motorcycle to market in 2019. CEO of Harley-Davidson, Matt Levatich explains the collaboration  “..our commitment to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders, in part, by aggressively investing in EV technology ”  Alta Motors portfolio of battery and drivetrain components & experience in building electric motorcycles he adds “… has demonstrated innovation and expertise in EV ’ s and their objectives align closely with ours. ” .

Alta Motors agrees “ Riders are just beginning to understand the combined benefits of EV ’ s today, and our technology continues to progress, ” said Alta ’ s Chief Product Officer Marc Fenigstein “ We believe electric motorcycles are the future, and that American companies have an opportunity to lead that future.” And finally , EEMC couldn’ t agree more with Harley-Davidson ’s CEO “ … EV is where global mobility is headed and holds great appeal .. ” !

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