SUPERSOCO TS1200R this plucky little commuter is great value for money

EEMC’s glad to see an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ review from of the SuperSoco TS1200R. The on-line magazine says that with the governments decision to end widespread fossil-fuel-powered vehicles by 2040 there’s a ‘raft of electric motorcycles, scooters and pedelecs’ all vying for position in the UK. Therefore, all budgets will need to be catered for and ‘this’ they say, is where the SuperSoco comes in; with a ‘commuter oriented, small capacity’ machine.

First impressions of the SuperSoco are of a ‘plucky little commuter… a good looking machine, with a futuristic Yamaha YBR-125 feel’. They add that although ‘the TS1200R is a small bike’ this they say ‘only helps to aid its potential manoeuvrability in a busy city environment’ Furthermore, the EV is ‘lightweight and compact, without really compromising on comfort.’


The on-line-magazine also lists many of the TS1200R features, which include the clever keyless start-up system, an anti-theft alarm and movement sensors. It’s ‘equipped with three separate modes offering ‘varying levels of speed and battery consumption’, there’s also a slower mode to help preserve the life of the bikes battery in slow-moving traffic too! concludes, the SuperSoco TS1200R is ‘great fun to ride’ and the £2349 price tag is ‘infinitely cheaper than the cost of an annual rail pass’ furthermore ‘if youre looking for a cheap, economical and environmentally friendly bike to squeeze through city traffic, you could do a lot worse than checking out the SuperSoco’ We here at EEMC couldn’t agree more!

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