Motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha, has developed the TY-E electric trial bike and have announced it will compete in this years FIM (Fedération Intertionale de Motocyclisme) Trial-E Cup!

This event was held for the first-time last June in Lourdes, France & was the first FIM sanctioned event; where electric trial machines alone could compete.  2017 saw 11 competitors enter with Spains Marc Colomer taking the winning podium. TY-E  should give them all a ‘run for their money’ and is scheduled to appear in Auron, France on July14th-15th and at the Comblain au Pont in Belgium, July 21st-22nd.

Here’s just some of the TY-E features which include,  a high rotation-type compact high-power motor, achieving high off-road performance with both powerful low speed torque and extended acceleration. There’s also a power unit equipped with a mechanical clutch securing instantaneous power and control, and an electric motor and optimised flywheel that realises excellent traction performance.

If you want to read more about the TY-E head-on-over to, but if you want to get on the right electric track, checkout the Zero & SuperSoco models at English Electric Motor Co