Great news for renewable enthusiasts, as Britain sets a new coal-free record after going two days without generating from fossil fuel!

According to online ‘Between Monday (17 April) eveningand the early hours of Thursday (19 April) morning, no coal was used to generate electricity, covering a ~55 hour period’.

According to the National Grid ‘this followed a weekend that saw low carbon sources nuclear, wind, solar, biomass and hydro deliver almost two-thirds (64.1%) of GB electricity.’

With the increase in low carbon source energy, UK National Grid will be hard at work preparing for the coming months to accommodate the mix of energy sources stating that it would instruct some inflexible generators – typically nuclear, CHP and some wind and hydro facilities – to turn off this summer as production from the UKs ~13GW of operational solar caters for an increasing percentage of demand.

With the UK’s plan to shut coal-fired stations by 2025, chief executive of environmental law firm ClientEarth, James Thornton, said As if we needed any more proof, the UK has moved beyond coal. We now need the grid to be ready to bring renewables online — that means smart tech to manage consumer demand, advancements in battery storage, and integrating electric vehicles into the equation.

Mr Thornton added The more coal-free days we see, the better it is for peoples health and for the climate. The UK has promised to be a world-leading example – it needs to continue powering past coal, investing in the right strategies and technologies to make the transition as easy as it can be,he said.

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