English Electric Motor Co jointly sponsored the first ALL electric Sprint & Hill Climb with SuperSoco, Oset & Zero Motorcycles at this year’s Malle Mile and it wasn’t only the weather that got people hot under the collar – there were plenty of blazing saddles too! 

Check out our video where you’ll see an EEMC competitor all togged up in a Flash Gordon lycra costume – now that’s dedication for you!

The event which took place over three days, saw EEMC triumphing in two out of the three ALL electric races (maybe the lycra did help) and competed against conventional motorcycles, impressively coming 1st in 2 of the races  – go electric!

Jacob Young bossin it on an Oset!

We look forward to another awesome event in 2019 organised by the great team over at Malle London. And if you missed seeing us at the Malle Mile, browse over our collection of Zero, SuperSoco, and Oset electric motorcycles, or alternatively, book a test-ride on our dirt/grass track. Demo Days are taking place throughout East Anglia in 2018.

A big thanks to incredible filmmaker/photographer, Rafe Pugh