“I do not need your outdated fossil fuel” commented, Motovlogger Lamp Chop Rides, after testing the Zero FXS. EEMC’s heartened to see that he had a very open mind to the FXS “I am sampling my first electric motorcycle – bring it on!” he said.

 The well-known Motovlogger had the Zero FXS on loan for a week and was “genuinely excited about riding this bike” saying that his first impressions of the FXS is “..its fast …..It’s very comfortable… It’s so easy” and described the Zero’s speed – as going ‘like stink!’ 

It’s also great to see the experienced Motovlogger has an enlightened view regarding the EV movement ‘”I am not opposed to electric bikes’ he said and added “I am the future’” as he rode his Electric steed!

Furthermore, EEMC is in total agreement with Lamb Chop’s assertion that – ‘Tomorrow has arrived!’



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