All the speculation about Harley-Davidson finally succumbing to the electric vehicle (EV) movement has finally been confirmed, according to, they comment that Harley-Davidson plan ‘multi new electric motorcycle platforms…. over the next few years’! They add, ‘without adapting the company they simply can’t succeed in the long term’!

It appears the Milwaukee based motorcycle company will focus very much on younger and urban market audiences say ‘By adding scooters and e-bikes to their lineup, the company is definitely shifting away from their rough, hardcore image of the past’ and reinventing themselves ‘as a powerhouse of American made, two-wheeled EVs’ This view is backed up by Harley Davidson’s Chief Operating Officer Michelle Kumbier who says “We’re going big in EV with a family of products that will range in size, power, as well as price”

Although there are no exact specifications for Harley Davidson’s new electric motorcycle/bike range, they’ll certainly have to up-the-ante with their new ranges capacity and mileage as the original LiveWire concept’s capacity was only 60 miles, suggest this would put it ‘well below some other offerings from Zero Motorcycles’ – arguably Harley-Davidson’s largest competition in the EV market!

English Electric Motor Co, dealers of ZeroSuper Soco and Oset Motorcycles.