A big thumbs up from Richard Eaton (The App Man) who test-rode our “Absolutely nuts” Zero DS, at this July’s Motorcycle Social event!

In the video the motovlogger appears blown away by his 15 minute ride of the Zero DS, describing it as “Absolutely nuts” and comments “Like most people I’ve heard, who have tried a Zero, no matter how snickered they were beforehand they’re a bit of a convert and so am I”!

And we’re so glad to hear that Richard in his own words  “Soon got used to it…very quickly” adding it “Reminds me of a supercharger….Beforehand I wasn’t sure” He went on to say “I really do think that the Zero feels like a finished product and I do think it’s a viable alternative to some people to a petrol engine motorbike” The App Man enthused.

Richard went on to list his three favourite things about the Zero DS “You feel like you’re from the future…The torque and power delivery is just so instant and it’s really linear and smooth so it’s really a quick bike” and added “How easy it was to ride” EEMC agrees!


And although the motovlogger suggests that “its quite an expensive bike” he does go on to say “You’re paying a premium to be an early adopter of this new sort of technology, but at least it’s not just about the technology its also about getting a quality product which sometimes isn’t the case…I personally consider Zero to be the sort of Tesla of motorbikes the sort of top of the game I think” Richard concludes “So, in summary, I really really did enjoy my first ride on an electric motorbike…. I would love to have one for a bit longer” Just give EEMC a call Richard!

English Electric Motor Co, dealers of ZeroSuper Soco and Oset Motorcycles.