If you fancy a classic electric motor that has a ‘Classic cool with 21st Century twist’ then look no further – Electric Classic Cars will either convert your classic to electric or supply you with the parts to convert your car to electric.

Their website explains that ‘Richard (aka Moggy) has classic car DNA flowing through him, having owned, restored and raced various classics since the age of 17’. Moggy worked in the energy efficiency industry for the past 20 years, using the knowledge gained in the energy efficiency and control industry, Electric Classic Cars was born, through ‘the passion for classic cars and the desire to make them more reliable and ecological to drive’.

 They go onto explain the benefits of converting a classic to electric, saying it would ‘not only save you money on fuel bill, road tax, congestion charges but also on maintenance and servicing costs as electric drive systems are maintenance free. No more plumes of smoke or smell of petrol, just sit back, relax and enjoy the silent, reliable ride’ they say! So, having your cake and eating it really is possible!

Would be great to see Old Empire Motorcycle create a classic electric motorcycle!

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