Take a look at the ‘teaser’ photos from VEITIS, a UK based electric motorcycle company. Reporting in evnerds.com , Veitis.com say their “..aims is to redefine motorcycling by completely re-imagining, re-designing and re-engineering what a motorcycle should be for the 21st century”.

Here are some technical data, about this incredible EV:

Range:100 miles(160km)Top Speed: limited to 70mph (112kph)

Power:6kW, peak power 16kWDrive-Train, and battery enclosure: Patented design

Approved for the UK and USA approval underway.

CEO of VEITIS, Steve Smith plans to take his Electric Motorcycle on the 80edays Zero Rally in 2020. It will include 20 International teams, rallying across 20,000 miles, 20 countries, and 3 continents.; The rally will finish in Barcelona without using a drop of fossil fuel, which rally organisers hope, will send a message to the motor industry – that sustainable energy is the way forward.

If you’re off to the Motorcycle Live Show 17-25th November, then you’ll get an opportunity to see the VEITIS Electric Motorcycle!

EEMC would love to see Old Empire Motorcycles put their creative mark on an electric motorcycle – a sight to behold!

Here’s their new video

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