Hands up who would like the Vision EQ Silver Arrow in their Xmas stocking?!

The Vision Silver Arrow a Mercedes-Benz electric concept vehicle, was unveiled last month during the Monterey Car Week, at Pebble Beach, California. The event held from 18 to 26 August attracted car aficionados and collectors from all over the world.

This absolute ‘vision’ is a one-seater vehicle and was designed to pay homage to the record-breaking W 125 car from 1937. According to ElectricVehicleNews ‘The paintwork in alubeam silver is reminiscent of the historic Silver Arrows which, for weight reasons, did not have a white paint layer.’

The interior they add is ‘dominated by traditional, high-quality materials such as genuine leather, polished aluminium and solid walnut.’ Evidentally, ‘The digital cockpit, meanwhile, points directly into the future:’

EEMC is loving the curved panoramic screen with back projection, as-well-as a really “techy” touchscreen integrated into the steering wheel. We do foresee a problem, however, exactly how will Father X get this vision down our chimney?!

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