‘Just you, two wheels and a fist-full of always-there torque for where ever the road takes you’, welcome to the new 2019 Zero models which have more power a longer range, and updated look.

The US-based company have been paving the way over the past 13 years in the electric motorcycle world and are the leading the way for rival brands to follow! According to news18.com Zero’s CEO Sam Paschel said “having sold more electric motorcycles annually than all our competitors combined, we continue to be the driving force behind two-wheeled electrification. This is going to be a very exciting year for Zero Motorcycles”.

EEMC is looking forward to the arrival of the new Zero models, which has received major updates. The 2019 model comes with a DS ZF7.2 battery which amounts to an increased horsepower of 35%, and with an 8% faster top speed! This beauty is still one of the lightest motorcycles on the market, weighing in at 96 lbs.

According to new18.com ‘The second battery option for the DS is actually the same as the premium one used in the Zero DSR. With a range of 204 miles in the city and 97 on the highway, the DS ZF14.4 doubles the range possible with the lower power battery.

The DSR regarded as the ‘pinnacle bike in the dual sports line,’ is equipped with some of the company’s most popular accessories such as the dual-sport windscreen, tank grips, hand guards, and a 12V accessory socket.

Zero has also released a Charge Tank accessory, which they say will replenish the battery six times faster than a typical wall outlet. This equates to 85 miles of city riding in just an hour. Other updates to the bikes’ operating systems will also preserve the range via a Long-Term Storage Mode that indicates to the bike when to utilise a low-power mode, which optimises the state-of-charge, and keeps the battery in working condition as long as possible.

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