If you haven’t already done so, check out Bruce Smart aka @TeaPotOne’s review of our Zero DSR, which he demoed recently. To say Bruce was impressed is an understatement “I’m genuinely going to miss this when it goes back….you have to try one of these to see how good they are…..That acceleration is just addictive!” he enthused.

Whilst he pointed out the shortfalls of the electric infrastructure, he did argue the inevitability of an electric future “I tell you the future is electric. It’s only going to be a few years before any vehicles in central London are going to have to be electric, the mayor has already said that, that filled me with dread before, but having ridden this – the future’s bright”

Bruce also mentioned Zero’s future battery developments  for 2019 “Next year they’re going to launch a supercharge pack of the Zero Bikes that will mean your charge time will be from 8-12hours down to 1.5 hours for a full charge from 0 to 100%” He went onto to say ” That is groundbreaking, that totally changes this, cos, you can stop for a coffee for 20 minutes…… and get another 20-30 miles in your range, so that then becomes more viable”

It’s really great to hear Bruce@TeaPotOne’s feedback of the Zero DSR and we’ll leave the last words for him “it is a hoot, it really is a hoot, I urge any of you out here to contact English Electric Motor Co”.


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