We started our journey to R.A.F. Bentwaters in good time, with only one ‘minor’ detour – which we’ll blame on our sat nav!

The weather was perfect for the EV Experience Day 2018 at R.A.F. Bentwaters. We were there demoing our Zero and Super Soco electric motorcycles which generated much interest and it was genuinely uplifting to see so many people embracing the idea of the EV movement.

As we organised our stand there was already a line of enthusiastic demo participants waiting to sign up. So much was the interest in the Zero and Super Soco’s that we had ‘literally’ a recharging break at about 1 pm, then with a full list for the afternoon, we ‘motored on’ until the last bike was drained when the show ended at 5 pm!

To say that we were ‘blown away’ by the positive comments is no understatement, one man said ‘It’s incredible, I’ve ridden many motorcycles, but I can’t think of anything that I’ve ridden this incredible’! The enthusiasm was such that countless people tried ALL 3 bikes, with some coming back for just ‘one more go’!  People were also surprised at the improvement in battery technology too.

Although we were the only electric motorcycle dealership at the event, there was an eclectic mix of car dealerships from all over the region, they included Tesla, Jaguar, BMW, Mini Cooper, Nissan, Renault and a Land Rover. There were also stands showcasing and giving advice on all things electric, including Peter Frost, Suffolk County Councils Network Manager for the Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) initiative. 
One of the attendees was Scott Eddy, Business Development Manager for
The Phoenix Works and The Fully Charged Show. An EV enthusiast Scott tried out the Zero FXS, he liked it so much that he lapped the track three times, in fact, Scott only came back with encouragement from Alec Sharp founder of EEMC! Scott says about his experience “The thrill of an electric motorcycle is just something else! Having the opportunity at the EVDriver event which included test rides with EEM Co. allowed me to experience not only the thrill but the practicalities of electric motorcycles. I think 2 wheels should get as much attention in this mobility transition as 4 do. EEC Co. will be a vital education piece in moving forward to a cleaner greener eMobility future.” Thanks, Scott we couldn’t have said it any better.


After a long, but enjoyable day we headed on back to EEMC’s HQ, but not before ‘another’ detour, pit-stop! A big cheers to Linda from evDriver and her team for making the EV Experience Day 2108 such a success, with an estimated 400 people attending.

Just a reminder that we’re at the B2B Event in Norwich, Thursday 11th October with our ZeroSuper Soco, and Oset Motorcycles – see you there.