Motorcycle News interviewed Abe Askenazi, Zero’s Chief Technology Officer, who after 15 years working in the bike industry, says ‘it took just one ride on a Zero to convince that electric bikes’ are the future.’ In his interview with MCN, Mr Askenazi gives an insight into ‘Zero’s goals, the joy of electric and why its time to make the change’.

Mr Askenazi describes his experience, vision and Zero’s goals  “..If the bike just went away, and it was just you flying along the road as if you’re in a dream… wouldn’t that be just perfect? He added “With a bike you get a sense of the character; the vibes, the noise, the feel, so I used to think if you do away with that on an electric bike, won’t it be bland? No. When you ride electric it’s like a veil has been pulled off.” Nicely put Abe!

The challenge as everybody knows is persuading people to adopt electric he explains “We say ‘if it fits your usage case, then now is the time’. For what many people use bikes for, ie short trips to work and quick journeys in the evening, the range is more than enough.”  Abe sees the ‘sticking point’ as being people being introduced to the bike “The more people we can get on electric bikes, the faster people adopt. Most customers commute and either charge while at work or while sleep. Very few are using public infrastructure to charge.” he said.


And finally, Abe Askenazi’s thoughts for the future “Every month this year we’ve broken sales records. We now sell more bikes than all our competitors combined. Next year really feels like it’s the one where it will take off.”

Well, Abe, EEMC is trying to do our bit to get as many bums on electric motorcycle seats with our very popular demo days and promotional events. if Mr Askenazi’s prediction that electric motorcycle sales in 2019 are going to ‘take off, we’re already ahead of the game as we’re planning even more demo days and events to showcase ALL our motorcycle brands – we’ll keep you posted.


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