The perfect blend of e-bike and e-motorcycle the SUR-RON is built for both on and offroad.

Then it’s no surprise the SUR-RON had great feedback from Chinese AMA champion

supermoto rider Sun Tong, while on his visit to Luna Cycle headquarters in El Segundo.

According to Sun Tong was in the US competing in several super

motor events and was ‘blown away’ by the electric bike.

Luna Cycles said Sun ‘..was blown away’ after the supermoto rider dropped into their HQ

‘….He rode up and down the block doing power wheelies…we could hear him hooping and

hollering’ and they added  ‘This guy is hard to excite…and even though he has been

racing a “souped up” SUR-RON bike (at about 80 amps) at 700 amps he finally saw

the light that is this bike could dominate real supermoto races.

Suddenly we have a contender…. Not just a sideshow bike that is a fun pit bike

and a bike for the kids to ride.’ they said.




Built for on and offroad use, the SUR-RON is a perfect blend of and e.motorcycle,

and the next big leap forward in mid-range electric two-wheel motion!

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