The digiNow is built by a team whose background is in the electric motorcycle racing world. The company developed the internationally used V2.5 fast-charging system, which is said, can charge a rider’s motorcycle in the time it takes to stop for a coffee!


The digiNow Fast-Charge system is offered in 3 different ratings, using a standard Type 2 Mennekes charging inlet, used throughout Europe and the ever-expanding EV charging networks.




How it works 

A simple bolt-on and plug-in unit can turn commuting capabilities into a touring spec WITHOUT any need for rewiring or cutting! The units are easily installed and replace the standard integrated charger.

(FAST-CHARGE IN 45 MINUTES 7.2kwh battery with 6.6kw fast-charger 20% – 80% SOC)


We are currently completing the first set of digiNow installations and we’re also due to fit two units on both our DSR and FX demo models in readiness for the Spring demo rides.



As digiNow’s are in demand, we’re putting another order in, so if you’re interested in getting one in time for your extended summer outings, order here



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