2019 looks to be SUR-RON’s year, here are just some examples of what is thought of these great versatile on and off-road motorcycle/bikes/e.bikes “This Electric Dirt bike is made flawlessly. The quality is awesome, the parts used are high quality and the company behind it is very serious China Design and Engineering company. They pride themselves with their design capabilities and they are making efforts to supervise and make products that are actually designed from bottom up. No copy, no shitty parts. Pure R&D.” EvNerds 2018

Built for on and offroad use, the SUR-RON is a perfect blend of electric bike and electric motorcycle – the next big leap forward in mid-range electric two-wheel motion!



Then it’s no surprise the SUR-RON e.bike had great feedback from Chinese AMA champion supermoto rider Sun Tong, while on his visit to Luna Cycle headquarters in El Segundo. According to electricmotorcycle.com Sun Tong was in the US competing in several supermotor events and was ‘blown away’ by the electric bike.



If that wasn’t enough 2018 saw SUR-RON win the Reddot Award, here’s what they had to say about the Light Bee “is an off-road electric bicycle, whereby the design is oriented towards a cross-country motorbike and at the same time could be reminiscent of a bee in flight. Its lightweight metal frame has been completely forged by using new technologies. Light Bee is flexible and agile like a bicycle, yet it gives the rebellious and powerful impression of an off-road motorbike. The electric drive enables the e-bike to climb a gradient of up to 45 per cent, so that the rider requires hardly any effort and can concentrate on the terrain.”



The Jury’s statement read “With its concise frame design, this off-road e-bike makes a dynamic, powerful impression and     promises to be a great deal of fun.” They’re not kidding!



Here are some specifications from EVnerds on the Light Bee/FireFly Length: 1870mm, Width: 780mm,Height: 1040mm,Minimum ground distance 270mmWheelbase: 1260mmVehicle quality: 50kgFront axle mass distribution: 24kg Rear axle mass distribution: 26kg,Maximum load weight: 100kg


Tyres & Breaks – Tyre specifications (front): 70 / 100-19 Tyre specifications (after): 70 / 100-19 Rim type (front): 19×1.4Rim type (after): 19×1.4 Brake type (front): to the four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, Brake type (rear): to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake. They also offer options for buyers for Dirt Bike front fork; RST or Fastace.












Now Spring is just around the corner, we’re getting ready to have some fun, we will be holding our demo events, doorstop demo days and (extended demos this will include a hire-fee). We’d love to see you at our HQ, where you can try out any of the six ranges on our offroad e.track circuit.

Get a closer look and experience the  SUR-RON

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