English Electric Motor Co (EEMC) and Duffy Motorsport – the partnership of ‘Innovation delivered by passion’ 



EEMC recently embarked on a partnership with Duffy Motorsport a young, fresh and dynamic business. This new and exciting development will see English Electric Motor Co provide the Duffy Motorsport team with a Zero Motorcycles ‘SR’ model – the brand is regarded by some as the Tesla of electric motorbikes. Ryan Duffy of Duffy Motorsport will be entering a team to compete in the famous Isle of Man TT zero race this year and he describes the course as “a 37.7-mile course that pushes every electric motorcycle to its limits.”


Alec Sharp and Ryan Duffy pictured


English Electric Motor Co is currently No1UK and No2 European all-electric Zero motorcycles dealership and ‘not your average dealership’ and with partners, Duffy Motorsport will see the Zero SR electric motorcycle lineup at the 10th running of the Isle of Man TT electric race.



The Duffy Motorsport team also plan to compete in electric motorcycle race competitions across Europe including The Open Electric SuperBike(OpeneSBK) competition. EEMC founder Alec Sharp “Were honoured to be able to have the opportunity to work with an up and coming electric race team and also to be able to use the racing development on the bike to develop some of our own motorcycles.”


Ryan Duffy of Duffy Motorsport “Working with EEMC is a natural fit as the mindset there is to take on new challenges and push the boundaries of what people expect. The open and honest enthusiasm shown by Alec and the team provides a solid foundation for us to open up electric motorcycle racing to the world” Duffy goes on to explain “we’re a young business with a keen interest in the future technologies of racing and the wider applications. The team’s inaugural year Duffy says “gave fantastic results, with the team clocking 6th place finish in the Isle of Man TT Zero and taking 2nd overall in the MotoE championship. The team is led by Ryan Duffy “who has 14 years experience building/modifying cars and motorcycles. The team is developing enhancements for the electric racing motorcycles which they hope to supply to the wider community in helping to increase the participation in events such as this.”

Further collaboration between Duffy Motorsport will hopefully encourage the custom electric motorcycle market in Europe too, as they make preparations for the Zero SR to be customised to use solar power for the 37.7-mile course with help from Kast Energy. This development EEMC and Duffy Motorsport believe will show the commitment by both companies to the future development of electric vehicles and in particular their chosen expertise of electric motorcycles.

KAST Energy’s contribution to the success and development of EEMC and the Duffy Motorsport partnership is down to their “expertise with Solar energy, energy storage and electric vehicle charging. They will be developing the paddock charging system for the race entries. A solar array and energy storage system for the paddock will form the heart of the system that will harvest energy over the course of a race event. Currently, power for the electric race bikes are provided by diesel generators or the grid system which burn fossil fuels, by providing energy for the bikes through a clean, renewable source of energy truly takes the emissions down to 0% for each race. The target for the system is to meet the team’s charging needs and improve the charge time by up to 66% during the season. The coming together of likeminded businesses really shows the power of collaboration in the electric racing world to move forward with development and true zero carbon emission racing” they say.


The future looks bright for this new, passionate partnership and if the guys from English Electric Motor Co & Duffy Motorsport can deliver the innovation, with help from KAST Energy, then they’ll certainly take the chequered flag!

You can follow the Duffy Motorsport team on twitter/facebook @DuffyMotorsport  



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