Wishing you a Merry and possibly quiet Christmas!

Quiet isn’t generally the word you associate with Christmas Day, especially if you have children! So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a kids motorcycle, why not consider electric – it would be a win-win-win situation. You’d be regarded as the ‘best’ present-giver EVER, whilst keeping the neighbours happy and doing your bit for the environment.

(Please note, EEMC takes no responsibility for the initial hollers of excitement during Xmas morning unwrapping!)



With just under seven weeks to go, we’re now taking orders for kids/teenagers and adult on/offroad electric motorcycles. If you’d like to try before you buy, you can book a demo – weekdays or weekends. We also have various EEMC merchandise available as stocking fillers/gifts.



To give an example of what the happy recipients of an electric motorcycle might do, is shown quite skillfully by Mike Pye at one of our many Empire NIghts events this summer. Pleasing the crowds, Mike took a SUR-RON around our newly constructed e-track which will be officially opening Spring of 2020.



The SUR-RON LBX series

The SUR-RON is a perfect blend of electric bike and electric motorcycle . This versatile e.bike is built for offroad and on-road use and is the next big leap forward in mid-range electric two wheel motion.








And for the bigger kids!

The recently unveiled SUR-RON Storm Bee at the EIMCA, shows this street-legal electric motorcycle/ebike capable of 68MPH(110km/h). The Storm Bee is equipped with the latest 96 volt high power-system with gearbox, all new aluminium alloy forged frame, the top level 10C discharge rate lithium-ion battery. The road-Legal version also comes complete with ABS, this full size electric bike is the best in its class with its massive power & best power to weight-ratio.



The OSET e.bike is a world leader in the design and manufacturer of children’s electric trials, off-road and motocross motorcycles.  OSET electric bikes cater for riders from 3 -18 years and older.








OSET kids e.bikes are proven in competitions, winning multiple national level victories against petrol powered machines!






So, if you’re looking for a premium kids electric bike you can’t go wrong with an OSET which are recognised globally as the best beginner electric bikes for children to learn and improve their motorbike skills and being fully electric they are silent, meaning riders can use them everyday without causing any noise disruption.




The revvi Twelve and Sixteen are super light-weight kids electric-powered motor bikes, specifically designed for children, weighing in at only 9kg and 11kg respectively.



Start the young using the revvi as a conventional balance bike, with a free-wheel design system. Watch a child improve and progress onto the slow speed setting (5mph), whlst balancing on their own using the foot pegs and perfecting the twist throttle control. Once fully confident the user will progress to the fast speed setting (10mph).




Features include hybrid tyres suitable for on and offroad use, with a chain-driven motor delivering reliable performance.







The Kuberg ‘Start’ is for 3 – 5 year olds. It’s a great e.bike to learn on and sharpen riding skills safely. The ‘Start’ has fully adjustable speed and acceleration.  There are two other electric bikes in the Kuberg range – the ‘Trials’ with an age range of between 5-12 years and the Kuberg ‘Cross’ from 6-12 years.








If you are considering giving an electric bike as an Xmas gift, your very welcome to demo – just give us a call.



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