From Past to Present….

It all began with Old Empire Motorcycles.

Founded in 2010 through an absolute and enduring passion for everything two-wheeled, the House of Assembly was built – paying daily homage to the gods of speed and fuel. It’s the place where we meet, greet, drill, weld, cut, grind, turn, mill, hammer, roll and notch till our heart’s content – creating and displaying our bespoke motorcycles.

It’s also the place where English Electric Motor Co (EEMC) was established and our interest in the electric motorcycle movement began.

EEMC offers a full range of electric on-road and off-road motorcycles/mopeds, which are showcased at our Suffolk HQ. We host travelling ‘Demo Days’ across the UK at various shows and offer ‘Doorstep Demos’, bringing your choice of electric motorcycle directly to you – we find our extended Demo experience provides the user a more  realistic guide to electric transport on a daily basis. We not only believe our hands-on demonstrations educates the public to the benefits of electric transport, but also to the benefits of a more environmentally friendly and cost effective approach to travel.

 And finally, with the electric technological advances expanding and Government targets/funding increasingly encouraging the general public to adopt more sustainable modes of transport, the challenge will be to meet the demands of those embracing the EV movement – English Electric Motor Co is ready to take up the challenge of introducing them to the world of electric motorcycles!