We’re utterly convinced that from the moment you swing a leg over any of our motorcycles you’ll understand just how incredible these machines can be.

Book a test ride today at our HQ and feel the energy of an electric motorcycle for yourself.

If you are interested in either a Doorstep Demo or Extended Demo then please see below.

June 2020
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We offer a comprehensive demo service for any of our electric motorcycles and scooters to your doorstep at your own convience. It has proved to be a very popular method which enables the clients to use the bike in the area in which they would do if purchased and on certain routes/commutes they may want to make on it. You get between 30 minutes and 1 hour approximatly and we recommend keeping an eye on the weather before booking! There is a cost involved specifc to the location of the demo and what electric motorcycle or scooter you wish to try. We will however refund most of the cost of the demo if you decide to purchase within a given time period. 



Another element to the Doorstep Demo is our Extended demo service which allows customers to use and keep the bike for a pre agreed period of time. This allows the customers to use the bike as he/she would to see how it fits in with there lifestyle. Again there is a cost involved for the delivery and picking up of the motorcycle as well as a daily fee and mileage compensatory clause, which a portion of can be refunded if they decide to purchase. We reserve the right to refuse the service if we do not feel certain security checks have not been fulfilled.