Exhilarating performance. Carefree ownership.

Incomparable to hydrocarbon motorcycles

No clutch or gears + instant torque = blistering performance

Light weight lithium tech = No heavier than hydrocarbon equivalent

All routine powertrain maintenance virtually eliminated

Its own unique sound and character

Electric motor 95%+ efficient vs. 15% – 40% ICE efficiency.

Go the miles, charge the tank, costs nothing.

Up to 200 miles range per charge dependant on model

Regenerative power  recharges battery whilst riding

Fast charge in 30 minutes depending on model

Each mile ridden  is considerably less expensive, starts saving money  from day one. 

  Proven that over the life of an electric motorcycle  overall costings are significantly lower than comparable internal combustion models.

Thinking for the Future

2019 UK Electricity currently at 30% renewable and growing

100% green energy providers available

Battery technology improving year on year

Lithium is 100% recyclable

50+ fast chargers installed and go live every month in the UK

UK E.V Infrastructure growing rapidly, targeting an all-electric 2040.

“Nothing like anything I’ve ever ridden. No gears to worry about, no clutch to worry about. I love it. It’s the future!” – Speaking about his first Isle of Man TT Zero ride

Guy Martin

TT Racer, TV Personality, Tea Drinker

”..the best bit is that it’s all there from the moment you open the throttle, so opening the not-gas delivers an amazing sensation of acceleration and power that I’ve not experienced on any other bike!” VisorDown

Independant Online Reviewer