The ultimate expression of Italian luxury, fully electric sportsbikes masterly manufactured in the Italian Motor Valley in Modena, Italy.


Each Energica electric motorcycle is unique in its class, for the technical solutions and innovations used that make it a jewel of technology.



Any mechanical, electrical or biological system needs instructions to be able to work. For biological organisms there is DNA and for software the number of program lines.

The Energica Software has reached 1.1M of program lines (645,000 program lines only for the VCU), over 200,000 more than a Space Shuttle!



Energica is the only electric motorcycle manufacturer to include the DC Fast Charging technology based on CCS Combo.

100 mile mixed riding range with 0 – 100% charge in 30 minutes….

Energica is the only electric motorcycle manufacturer to include the DC Fast Charging technology based on CCS Combo.

Energica motorcycles can be recharged through the outdoor charging stations or at home.
Equipped with an onboard battery charger with a cable interface on the charging station or remotely via Bluetooth connectivity.
All charging parameters can be displayed directly on the dashboard or remotely via bluetooth connectivity.
The vehicle’s on board charging socket is equipped with automatic locking device cable.



Massive Performance, no emissions

Designed and built by the same people who have designed and engineered racing performance from Formula One Racing to Le Mans 24h for over 40 years.

The green heart of the electric motorcycle is a synchronous oil-cooled motor with permanent magnets. It has 107kW (145 hp c.ca) of instantaneous power reaching from 4900 rpm to 10500 rpm and a torque of 200 Nm ranging from 0 rpm to 4700 rpm.

Energica Ego accelerates from 0 to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 3 seconds to reach a top speed of 150 mph (240 km/h) with a vigorous thrust that does not make you miss the drops in the engine speed by the constant shifting of the classic internal combustion engines – making the electric superbike faster than a 600 supersport.



A perfect combination of agility and aggressive riding.

The rebellious spirit and easy handling allow the rider to control the power of the bike, making it the best streetfighter for the urban jungle.

Energica Eva has a permanent magnet AC (PMAC) oil cooled motor that produces 107kW (145 hp c.ca) of instantaneous power and a torque of 200 Nm.

The electric streetfighter has a range up to 125 miles (200 km) (ECO mode) and can reach a top speed of 125 mph (200 km/h) in Sport mode.

The electric streetfighter is fully compatible with commercial recharging stations or can be charged at home.

Energica Eva is the only electric streetfighter in the world with an integrated fast charge system on board.


 Essential, Authentic, Pure.

The most thrilling innovation is finally here, the first “old-school” electric motorcycle.

Its name is Eva EsseEsse9, inspired by the real name of Via Emilia, historic road crossing the Italian Motor Valley.
Via Emilia is one of the oldest Italian roads, built by the Roman consul Marco Emilio Lepido in 187 BC to connect Rimini to Piacenza.

The soul of Energica third model rests on the history and traditions of this area: innovation combines with the genuine engines tradition of Emilia Romagna land.

The Ego Corsa ready for action in the MotoE™ World Cup

The new era of electric motorcycle racing has begun, and Energica Motor Company is proud to be fully involved in in this new, exciting chapter of two-wheeled motorsport history.

The Modena-based Italian company of high-performing electric motorcycles was chosen by Dorna as single manufacturer for FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup.

Today Energica Motorcycles range include 3 models: among them there is the sportbike Ego. This model was the base from which the Ego Corsa, the one-make motorcycle that will be used by all riders and teams taking part in the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup.


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