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NIU is the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions, it has created a new market category—smart electric two-wheeled vehicles—to redefine urban mobility with its core team from BMW, Microsoft, Intel,Huawei, McKinsey, KKR, and Bain Capital whom are all committed to change urban commuting globally with the introduction of the NIU electric scooter range.

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 NIU electric scooters have sold over 400,000 scooters globally with over 1 Billion kilometers travelled, placing them as the #1 electric scooter in the world.

The NIU mission is to redefine urban mobility and make life better.
The NIU vision is to become the number one brand for urban mobility, powered by design and technology.

 The genius of the NIU  electric moped is in the simplicty of its design.  Each model utilises a state of the art lithium battery,  Bosch hub motor, regenerative capability and full phone connectivity. 


The Niu U series has been created using the latest design science and technologies. All parts of the electric scooter including the design and motor are optimized for city usage and have been created on the basis of a study with 150,000 riders and more than 1 million kilometers of usage data from NIU’s popular N-Series and M-Series electric scooters. The result is an electric scooter that is purpose-built for the city.

NIU M Series

A NIU Combination  of Smart Design and Style.

The NIU M-Series (M pro and M plus +) is an evolution of the NIU design language that puts a modern twist on heritage scooter design.


The NIU N-Series (N plus and NGT) gives you 50-70km of range on a single charge. This is not just an electric scooter, it’s your new urban exploration vehicle. Ride it to work, take it out on the weekend, or just explore. 

The future of urban exploration today.


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