We are big on feedback here at EEMC.

Its important for us to know what people think of the bikes we offer, the service we offer and the overall customer experience we offer.

With that in mind we have taken some time gathering reviews from customers, demo’ers and the odd you tuber so people can get an authentic feel for what its like to purchase, own and ride one of our amazing electric motorcycles. 


I bought a Super Soco TC from English Electric Motor Co, which was delivered last week. Alec is very knowledgeable about the bikes and was very helpful in the buying process. There was good communication afterwards and the bike was delivered to my house as arranged. There was an issue with the seat being loose, but Alec came to my house the following morning (a Saturday) at 08:00 to fix the problem. Overall an excellent experience and I would highly recommend Alec and his team. And the bike is fantastic too: Perfect for urban commuting!

Kourosh, Cambridge

Loving my DSR from English Electric. While I never made it to the store in Diss, or even met Alec face to face, he fixed me a test ride at a pop-up store and sold me a marvellous bike that I’m already enjoying.

Now if I can just stop waggling my left foot, in a senseless search for gears that aren’t there, then I’ll be sorted.

Bill, Scotland

Alec travelled 4hrs to Poole for my doorstep demo and a chance to buy the FX demo bike ,that’s commitment! ,gotta say he has a lot of enthusiasm for the bikes and the Zero brand and customer support. Frank and honest with some good information . had my first commute this morning in typical slow start stop traffic ,and wouldn’t wanna be on any other bike . viva the electric revolution !

Toby, Poole

Sweet baby jesus…thats got some get up and go!

RarefiedRoad / Youtuber

…theres something super addictive and fun about it…

Motobob / Youtuber

Awesome bikes and you’ll be glad to know that I declared the FXS the greatest commuting bike that I ever rode, bar none.

Royal Jordianian / Youtuber

Its exciting! Motorcycling is very much alive in the electric era!

LCR (Lamb Chop Rides) / Youtuber

I genuinely loved my first experience of electric motorbikes and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Teapotone / Youtuber

Truly fabulous machines…and i say that with 100% genuine honesty!

AMC (Andy Cam Man) / Youtuber