Service and Support

New technology is not truly effective if the systems that back it are outdated. Along with our travelling demo days and pop up showrooms we are offering a comprehensive mobile servicing system for electric motorbikes, meaning less cost and downtime for you whilst the minimal service needs your electric motorcycle has are met. Service costings and frequency vary for each brand and model but a general service undertaken at our workshop can be as little as £60 ex VAT.


Since 2010 we have been building motorcycles from scratch through our sis co. Old Empire Motorcycles and now moving into the electric bike market means we can bring that wealth of experience and know how to these models also. All our techs are fully trained and qualified to work with the all of our brands E.V systems and we have invested in the specialist tooling to do so also.


Unlike many larger dealerships we run a very tight knit small and dedicated team at EEMC meaning we have the time to talk, and with most of our bike remotely diagnose any issues that arise. We make it a a priority to know our bikes inside out and try to keep down time on the customers part to an absolute minimum.


We sell our motorcycles ALL over the UK but still need to offer the same premium service as our more local customers have so we introduced a mobile servicing and repair scheme where we are able to bring our works van to you for home repair and or service. All we require on your part is alittle flexibility!

”Mobile servicing made it practical and reassuring to buy a bike from a dealer 200 miles away.  For scheduled servicing and other maintenance I want to thank Alec and team again for coming all the way to Dorset, and I am very happy with all work done.”

Paul, Dorset

Good advice, friendly personnel and great service! 
When my DSR belt snapped during the warranty period, Alec was there the next day (25 miles from his shop), and I was back on the road in no time!”

Alex , Woodbridge