Friends of EEMC

EO Charging

EO are are locally based manufactuer of charging ponts for home and buissness use. Just choose your power rating, then your plug type and finally – whether you want software or not. Its pretty simple!

Flying Tiger Coatings

Simon at FTP offers both paintwork and ceramic coatings which many of our custom made components for our electric motorcycles have. We are able to offer completley bespoke paint schemes though FTP thats finish is second to none!

Anglia Car Charging

Richard at ACC has installed all our units at EEMC HQ and offers an Unrivalled and professional service. His engineers are professional, polite and efficient, ensuring a quick, safe and tidy installation.

Old Empire Motorcycles

Our older, original sister company. Specialists in the bespoke unique and individual. We already have some plans to work alongside OEM in creating some truly stunning custom electric motorcycles.

Diginow Inc.

We are a technology company located in Los Angeles, Ca, inventing technologies of tomorrow today.Providing a fun and easier way to live, communicate and enjoy life with tomorrows future today!

Useful Links

Unofficial Zero Motorcycles Manual

A real gold mine of information. Edited and added to by some of the best guys and gals in the EV two wheeled world. If you have a zero electric motorcycle, whether old or new this is a perfect place to find out DIY mods, fixes and general troubleshooting.

Electric Motorcycle News

Electric Motorcycles News brings you an overview of electric motorcycles all over the world. One of the best sources for the latest news on electric motorcycles and scooters.

Zero Motorcycles Owners Group

Another one for people looking at seeing real world reviews on the Zero Motorcycles models. A world wide page free free to join and ask questions as you’ll find everyone very friendly and helpful on there!

Electric Motorcycle Forum

A great place for general electric motorcycle enthuisisats or peopel curious abotu what is out there, from now defuct brands to not yet released models, much is discussed along with some great tech knowledge.