E-Racer’s Zero ‘RUGGED’

Great news for any Zero owner or future owner looking to get their FX or FXS ‘RUGGED’!

Italian company E-Racer Motorcycles has announced that they are available to build the RUGGED customised bodywork, which is exclusively based around the Zero FX and FXS at their workshop in Bologna, write electricmotorcyclenews.



The RUGGED is a specifically designed bodywork for the Zero FXS model and the company say “The only way to have an E-Racer RUGGED is to transform a Zero FXS model in our workshop in Italy.”



The innovative triple frontal Poliessoidal headlight for the RUGGED has a “360° lighting system. Composed of 12 additional eagle eye LED lights, this equipment will let you know where to put your feet and see everything around you during the night sessions.”





For ease of transport, E-Racer Motorcycles will make the RUGGED’s auxiliary frame from aluminium or composite fibre ‘so you can hoist the bike easily”



And thanks to their partners Umbria Kinetics E-Racer say they ‘have installed a regressive suspension system designed to be adapted to all Zero models. This product will provide you with unimaginable driving comfort and response.” It’s not only the design that the Italian motorcycle company pride themselves on but their attention to detail regarding the LineX military coating used it ‘will make you forget any fear about the possibility of scratching or damaging the bodywork.’ They certainly appear to have thought of everything from the design, construction to end product and use!




So, if you’re ‘tempted’ to go ‘RUGGED’ with  E-Racer Motorcycle’s customised bodywork we can help you get there – WHY NOT BOOK a DEMO




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