“The best electric motorcycle that I have ridden to date”

EEMC’s Alec Sharp arrived back from his adventures in Amsterdam, for the official European unveiling of Zero Motorcycle’s SR/F and then onto California. Now back in dear old ‘breezy’ Blighty, Alec has given a low-down on his trip and more importantly his experience of the Zero SR/F.



Alec says “Last week I had the pleasure of riding the Zero SR/F alongside some of the other EU dealers at Zero’s Santa Cruz HQ in California. And I fully appreciate that owning a dealership with the Zero Motorcycle brand my views may appear a little biased, but the fact is, I was so impressed with a completely new and refreshing riding experience from the Zero motorcycle brand – this coming after years of riding and customising assorted ICE motorcycles!”






Although a hectic trip, the Zero Motorcycle Magnificent 7 winners had the opportunity in their busy schedule to try out the Zero SR/F, in Alec’s words “I can safely say that this is the best electric motorcycle I have ridden to date, with Energica being the only real contender currently”



Alec added that “Without writing an essay on all the issues that Zero has addressed from the previous models – put simply the SR/F, I believe, IS the first ‘proper’ electric motorcycle that I have ever ridden.”



Great praise indeed coming from a seasoned motorcycle enthusiast!



Elaborating on his Zero Motorcycle experience, Alec said “I realise some people do not wish to compare ICE motorcycles to electric, but the fact is that I and others fell in love with combustion motorcycles, never thinking to look for a replacement and in all honesty I still enjoy my single thumpers, thundering twins and screaming fours!” However, he describes his Zero SR/F electric motorcycle experience as “very different, going to the next level of excitement, the next step if you like in the evolution of motorcycling, Admittedly the older range of Zeros are still fantastic” Alec says and ” still giving me the same buzz”. Enthusiastic words Alec!



“However”, the EEMC founder enthusiastically suggests that, “I do find myself thinking the SR/F is the start of something very special”

So a big hand to the Zero R & D guys.



Obviously the issue of the Zero SR/F range Alec suggests is ‘still not quite there for the tourers out there and maybe the charging infrastructure in some countries still needs improving, but its new territory for everyone in the EV world, but is moving in the right direction” He added “And to be honest, I wasn’t expecting Zero to nail everything in one go anyway, but bloody hell after thrashing around the Californian mountains, I really couldn’t have cared less.” Strong words, Mr Sharp!



So, whether you’re for or against electric, the Zero SR/F would be a great motorcycle to cut your teeth on so to speak! In summing up, we’ll leave Alec with the last word  “I highly recommend you get to your nearest dealer, swing your leg over one and see what I mean. This is just the next tottering step towards an electric motorcycle with the range, charge time and performance that everyone ultimately wants. It will come, but in the meantime, you’ll have to trust me the SR/F is a hell of a hoot to ride! Cheers”



And finally a big thank you to Zero Motorcycles Europe Zero Motorcycles for the adventure and to the other magnificent 7 for their company Streetbike Team FB Absolut Cycles City Bike 69 and the beers!




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