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We think that electric has a lot to give, not just on road, but off-road too!

In fact, if anything it has the MOST to give off-road.

Performance-wise – whether your green-laning, moto-crossing, or riding enduro, the bags of torque from the first twist with no need to shift means you’re blasting through the mud on a completely controllable electric dirt rocket!

Another positive reason to go electric! Unfortunately, the sound of a two-stroke staccato howling bike thrashing around the countryside isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but with an e-dirt bike, everyone has a chance to enjoy the peaceful environment, whether on or off a bike! With the lack of noise it opens up fresh, new, and endless possibilities for the two-wheeled, off-roading community, added to that knowing your fun has zero effects on the environment – everyone’s a winner.

The English Electric DirtEtracks is a place where you turn up to choose from our wide range of off-road electric demo bikes; from a kitted out ZERO to an OSET or SUR-RON.

A fee of £50 is required to demo for a max of 30 minutes, the full fee will be refunded off a motorcycle if you decide to purchase.

We welcome anyone with previous riding experience and those meeting EEMC criteria, just bring your riding gear, the bikes will be ready & charged up, then you can spin up some dirt!

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