Lamb Chop Rides recently tested the Zero FXS, with very positive results. The weather appeared perfect for the test-ride “It’s a beautiful day you do feel a lot more engaged with your surroundings because you don’t have any noise.” The popular motorvlogger went on to say the FXS was ‘like going out on a push bike, you’ve almost got that same sort of oneness with your surroundings with the countryside — it’s quite therapeutic” he added.

Unlike Jeremy Clarkson, Lamb Chop Rides didn’t mind driving behind a caravan “I’m stuck behind a caravan, but I don’t care, I’m just enjoying cruising along” and he added, “There’s something very English about this”!

The ‘electric versus petrol’ drag race, was enlightening too, as the electric Zero FXS was pitted against the petrol 701 Supermoto. And as the two motorcycles started off on the start-line the motorvlogger was willing the FXS on  “Come on baby…….That’s quite amazing, it’s so quick” and although the 701 triumphed, the Lamb Chop appeared truly impressed with the FXS!

Lamb Chop Rides also reminded his audience of EEMC’s helpful service – we appreciate that mate.

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