Electric Motorbike / Moped VS Fuel Cost Calculator

The cost savings


Electric Bikes are a great alternative to a car or a diesel scooter for exploring the city and/or commuting to and from work. Costing just pennies to run in comparison, they are gaining popularity thanks to their cheap costs, environmental credentials and fun driving style; not to mention the cost to maintain them is extremely low too.

Making the jump from Diesel or Petrol to Electric can be scary. With a bunch of information out there it can be hard to make a decision. We have created this page in order to assist you in making your decision.

There are 3 key points to seeing how much money you would save by making the jump. Your cost of electric is an important one and if you can get onto economy7 or something similar then you could save even more money than a fixed tariff.

Second is how much that you travel. The more you travel, the more you will save. You have to bear in mind that electric vehicles have a limited range, and this calculator is based on home charging only. Public charging prices can differ.


How to charge an electric moped

The thought of charging can be daunting but it really shouldn’t be. All electric Mopeds and Scooters that we offer can be charged using a standard 3-pin socket that you have at home and usually take between 5/6 hours to fully charge from empty. This can be done while you sleep and you won’t even realise that you have had to wait that long. 

It is good practice to keep your bike charged up, and not let it run too low – more relavent in the winter months although, keeping it between 80%-100% will mean that you’re not only doing the battery a favour, but also making sure that you will always have miles to ride away with.