From sizable discounts on electric business fleet sales, to custom business branding & full mobile maintenance packages.

At English Electric we realise how important it is to work closely with other businesses.

We know that our electric motorcycles and scooters can improve the services that businesses offer, and how that the use of electric vehicles within a fleet context can benefit a company both financially – not to mention helping towards a more sustainable future.

From offering sizeable discounts on electric business fleet sales, to custom business branding, and full mobile maintenance packages, we hope to continue building great relationships with other like minded businesses based all over the UK – and worldwide.


There are so many possibilities with electric motorcycles and scooters on a fleet level, ranging from rider training, to military to conservation.

We are here to help integrate electric into your current line up.


As the EV network grows, councils are becoming more and more aware of the need to implementing CAZ (clean area zones). And because of this a new demand for hydrocarbon free transport has arisen –  we are here to cater for it.

Many of our models come in a ‘cargo’ trim allowing more storage for delivery riders; and have we mentioned the cost saving benefits of running electric?


We have recently secured an exclusive deal with a long established electric vehcile leasing company based in the UK, which means that we can now offer bespoke leasing packages – whether its for fleet, delivery or singular purchases.

Have a look at the Leasing FAQ’s for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can purchase a motorcycle/scooter with a business finance lease?

PLC’s, limited companies, partnerships and sole traders

When did HMRC rules change taking motorcycles and scooters out from being classified as ‘Cars’ and put them in the same category as photocopiers?

HMRC rules changed in 2009 taking Motorcycles and Scooters out of the ‘Cars Category’ and putting them in the same category as disposable assets which have no value at the end, i.e. photocopiers

What are the benefits of a Business Finance Lease?
Business Finance Lease has all the benefits of leasing:
Low initial payment(usually only 1 month in advance)
VAT spread over the whole agreement
Payments treated as rentals for tax purposes
Client automatically owns motorcycle or scooter at end of business
finance lease period, benefiting from the value that motorcycle or
scooter has.
Are payments and VAT 100% tax deductible?


How many years can I take business finance over?

Up to 5 years with no large residuals or end of lease balloon

Can extra payments be made?

es extra payments can be at any time and are fully tax deductible
in the same tax year.

What is the lowest amount and highest amount covered by Business Finance?

£1500 to £75000 (larger amounts available subject to status)

Which motorcycles/scooters can be purchased using a business finance lease?

All new, used and classic motorcycles/scooters (VAT is charged on used machine payments if the machine is not VAT qualifying.
Alternatively business finance can be used)

Your TitlCan Accessories, helmets, clothing, maintenance, sign-writing, wrapping etc be included in the monthly lease price?e Goes Here


Are there any mileage restrictions?


Does the client keep the motorcycle/scooter at the end of the lease/finance period?


Is a business finance lease affected by the personal finance affordability requirements (taking into account personal credit i.e. mortgages, car, credit cards etc)?Here


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