At English Electric we realise how important it is to work closely with other business’s to see where we think our electric motorcycles and scooters can improve the services they are offering and how it can benefit their company in a financial sense not to mention help them onto a more sustainable road.

From offering sizable discounts on electric business fleet sales to custom business branding and full mobile maintenance packages, we hope to continue building great relationships with other like minded business’s based all over the UK and worldwide.


Electrify Your Fleet

There are so many possibilitys with electric motorcycles and scooters on a fleet level, whether that is rider training, to military to conservation, there are huge benefits in many aspects. We are here to help integrate electric into your current line up and work out what product you will get the best out of and will bring the best of your business out.

Delivering with Electric

As the EV network grows, councils are becoming more and more aware of the need to implementing CAZ (clean are zones) and because of this a new demand for hydrocarbon free transport has arisen and we are here to cater for it. Many of our models come in a ‘cargo’ trim allowing more storage for delivery riders not to mention the cost saving implications of running electric.

Leasing Electric

We have recently tied up with an exclusive and long established electric vehcile leasing co. based in the UK who now help us offer bespoke leasing packages whether its for fleet, delivery or singular purchases. Have a look at the Leasing FAQ’s for more information.