We think electric has alot to give, not just on road but off road also.

If fact if anything it has MOST to give offroad.

Performance wise whether your green laning, motocrossing or enduro the bags of torque from the first twist and with no need to shift means your blasting though mud on a completely controllable electric dirt rocket!

Unfortunately, not all people like the staccato notes of a two stroke howling about the countryside which bring us onto  the other beautiful element of off road electric –  lack of noise.

It opens up fresh, new and endless possibilitys for the two wheeled off roading community, of which we hope to help unlock.

Enter the The English Electric DirtEtracks.

A place where you can turn up to demo any of our offroad electric, whether its a kitted out ZERO, OSET  or SURRON , we have a wide range of offroad electric available to try. We do ask for a small fee of £50 to demo for a maximum of 30 minutes which is refunded off the price of a motorcycle if you decide to purchase.

We welcome anyone with previous riding experience and as long as we deem you suitable enough to ride then its just a case of bringing your gear, charging up and spinning up some dirt!

Book below, drop us an email or give us a call.


May 2020
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We’re utterly convinced that from the moment you swing a leg over any of our motorcycles you’ll understand just how incredible these machines can be.

So we want you to get on one of our bikes and ride. Book a test ride today and feel the energy of an electric motorcycle for yourself.

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