EV Charging Stations

We have EV Chargers

Here at English Electric Motor Co we know that electric is the future. To suit your electric needs we have 2x Type 2, 22kw fast chargers installed on site and they’re available for public use. Our EV Chargers are the perfect fast chargers for your electric motorcycle/car.

22kw FAST Chargers

We have 2x type 2, 22kw chargers installed on site.

Easy to use app

We have an extremely easy to use app for fast charging your EV.

How to use


Download the App

Download the Car Charged app from your favourite app store or use the links from below!



Select our charger from the list

With location active, our charger should be top of the list. Select us from the list.

Add Your Card

Add your card and swipe to pay!

Add Your Card

Add your card and swipe to pay!

Now Plug in and it’s time to relax!

We’re done! It’s time to relax while you charge!


Download The App

Download our app using the links below!

We're partnered with Car Charged UK

Need a charger? We’re partnered with one of the best EV Charging companies in the UK, Car Charged UK. Want a home or commercial install? We can help out with that! Get in contact using the form below to learn more.