EEMC Zero and MotoNovo Awards

Well, it’s been a busy month for English Electric Motor Co.

Last week, EEMC founder Alec Sharp, travelled to London to receive one of the coveted Zero Motorcycles ‘Magnificent Seven’ trophies.



To qualify for the award, English Electric Motor Co finished in the top seven Zero Motorcycle dealerships. This included the UK and European dealerships, totalling approximately150!





As East Anglia’s only all-electric motorcycle dealership, we’d like to think that we got into the Magnificent Seven Club, by going (excuse the pun) that extra mile! Most importantly by offering our doorstop demo/extended demos and events throughout the year. And added to that, the ability for customers to try out our extensive range of electric motorbikes, scooters and e.bikes on our e.track. This service has enabled clients to get a’ real- feel’ for the different electric bikes such as brand leader Zero Motorcycles.


So, part of Zero’s  ‘Magnificent Seven’ prize, Alec was flown to Amsterdam for the official European unveiling of the Zero SR/F



Some regard the Zero as the Tesla of the electric motorcycle world!  THE VERGE  “ZERO’S MOTORCYCLES HAVE BEEN FAST AND FUN FOR A WHILE, BUT THE SR/F WILL EARN THE COMPARISONS TO TESLA” it says. (More to come on the Zero SR/F)


Whilst the EEMC team ‘hold the fort’, Alec has jetted off (for some R&R) courtesy of Zero Motorcycles to their HQ in California – some exciting days ahead!


We’ll keep you updated to Alec’s time out with Zero Motorcycles who sell “more electric motorcycles than all of its competitors combined.” – pretty impressive. With that in mind, it’s even more impressive that EEMC achieved this coveted award considering we started trading September 2017 – so we must be doing something right!



Talking of right, did we mention that whilst in London Alec also attended the Motonovo Finance Provider Awards to collect yet another trophy.

Therefore, we’re pleased to announce that English Electric Motor Co is now officially Motonovo Finance Provider of the year for Zero Motorcycles UK! 


So to say that it’s been a busy start to 2019 is an understatement, but we’re up for the challenge and look forward to an electrifying rest of the year. It’s great to see the ‘fruits of our labour’ paying off and even more satisfying to receive such great feedback from our customers: Tom Corbett writes



 ‘Brilliant selection of bikes on-hand. Alec knows his bikes, Electric and Combustion-based! Ideal location to get to grips with a different style of riding – The power delivery is very different to a conventional bike! If you’re considering a foray into the world of electric motorbikes, give Alec a call and head over to try for yourself!’ Glad we could have been of service Tom.


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