Environmentally friendly all-terrain EV

Great news coming from across the pond as US-based DRR® USA announce the Stealth Electric All-Terrain-Vehicle (E-ATV) prototype “a smooth, silent riding experience.”



According to KickStarter.com – DRR® USA was established in 2000 after the founder witnessed her youngest son in an ATV accident “At the time, children’s ATVs did not always have proper safety features.”  Nearly twenty years on the Ohio based company are now proven winners on motocross tracks worldwide and now manufacturers of “the first adult all-terrain” environmentally friendly EV.

Most all-terrain vehicles are made for children with limited distance capabilities, the DRR® USA Stealth, however, is “Comparable in size to a 600cc adult utility four-wheeler” and “developed to support search and rescue personnel, ecologists, environmentalists, hobbyists, and recreationalists.” explains the company.


The Stealth prototype will have the capabilities “Of assisting in the field, all without releasing carbon dioxide into the environment” added to that “the significant environmental benefits eliminating both carbon emissions and noise pollution.” Whereas a standard ATV  “Can release over 120 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere with a single tank of gas” and “It can also clock in at approximately 80 on a decibel meter.” So with the Stealth Electric ATV, you get the best of both worlds – it’s both clean and silent!




Noise pollution is acutely important “During search and rescue hearing cries for help is difficult over the loud noise of gas-powered units” The Stealth is completely silent which will provide rescue workers with a potential life-saving advantage, good to hear!

DRR® USA has certainly considered all aspects of electric, including battery life and removal “Replacing the battery, takes less than three minutes and requires no heavy lifting” and any three-prong outlet is sufficient to charge.  The charge time is 6-hours, with a lighter 72 volt, 4-kilowatt lithium-ion battery which “charges quicker, supports a charge longer, is less harmful and can tolerate colder temperatures compared to traditional lead-acid batteries”. They also hope to develop solar-powered charging stations too – they’re definitely getting onboard the EV wagon!


Stealth’s maximum speed will travel up to 35 miles on a single battery pack “an eight-hour day of intermittent work is completely possible without recharging” An optional second battery pack “can extend the range up to 65 miles.”

The Stealth Electric prototype will use “700 fewer parts than a standard unit” this DRR® USA say  “Not only decreases the carbon footprint in the production but the number of materials used in the end product”. This forward-thinking company is certainly considering all environmental benefits!


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